Dear Santa

Okay, I'm a copycat. Mars Girl posted a letter to Santa on her blog and it got me thinking...

I haven't written a letter to Santa since I was four years old. And the only reason I remember writing a letter to Santa when I was four is because my mother submitted it to the local newspaper and they published it.

Here's what I wrote to Santa in December of 1980:

Dear Santa Claus:

My name is Cathryn Mary Johnson. I live in Emlenton. If you don't know where that is just look on your map, we're under the bridge. (Apparently I did not have much faith in Santa's abilities to a.) automatically know who I was and b.) automatically be able to locate me. My mother probably deleted the longitude and latitude coordinates I included for his use)

I have been pretty good this year so far. (No need to bring up the tar incident or the dead cat incident) Since we don't have a chimney, I will leave our door open for you.

If you have these things, please bring them to me: drum, Holly Hobby stove, rocking chair, dolly doll house clothes. Could you please bring a few things for my little sister Bethany too. She's too little to know what she wants but I'm sure you'll think of something. Thank you.

Cathryn Mary Johnson

Pretty simple and straight forward - although my letter was the longest by far of the letters that were published (I never really got over the "wordy" thing). And, I'm rather proud that mine was the ONLY letter to say thank you. I was such a well-mannered little thing...I don't know what happened. And, mine was the only letter to include a sibling (Lookin' out for ya boty!).

How times have changed - back then all it took to make me happy was a drum and a rocking chair (By the way, what four year old asks for a fucking rocking chair!? Isn't that what senior citizens ask for?). Since I haven't written to Santa in over 28 years, I thought maybe I should give it another go. Perhaps he reads this blog.

Dear Santa Claus:

Hi again. It's me, Cathryn Mary Johnson. I no longer live in Emlenton. I'm in Nashville now - I'm sure you'll be able to find me. I have faith.

Sorry I haven't written in such a long time. Just busy I guess. Ya know...life happens and you just sorta forget to keep in touch.

I hope you and Mrs. Claus are in good health and all is well at the North Pole.

It's hard to say how good I've been this year. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm doing enough good. Sometimes I feel I should be doing more for people. I'll leave that assessment to you and promise to try to do better next year.

My "Wish List" has evolved a bit over the past 28 years. Honestly, Santa, I've learned it's not the material things in life that make me happy. A new car would be nice. But do I need a new car to make me happy? No. A house of my own? I would LOVE a house of my own, but do I need one? No. A new purse, a new pair of shoes, diamond earrings and a Sephora shopping spree? Nice? Sure. A trip to somewhere exotic and exciting? That would be awesome. Do I need it to make me happy? Nah.

I am pretty damn grateful for what I have and what I am able to do. I have so much already that I would be ashamed to ask for more.

So, instead of bringing me things this year, what I'd really like is for everyone I love to get everything on their Wish Lists. Especially Bethany. Just bring her whatever she wants cuz she's awesome and pretty much the most deserving person I know. And my mom. She doesn't ask for much so you may have to do some digging to find out what she really wants. Daniel wouldn't dream of asking you for anything so just use your infinite intuition to bring him something very extra special that will make his eyes light up. You may have heard from Jennifer already but I want you to disregard anything she asked for because I can guarantee it's not what she really wants. She wouldn't ask for what she really wants, so just bring it to her please. And Donna...I know what she wants and so do you. Make it happen, big guy!

I'll leave the rest to you. I have faith.

I apologize for the late hour appeal. Again, I chalk it up to the busy-ness of life. I know that's not a good excuse, but it's all I've got without accusations of slothful lazyness ~shrug~

Thank you for your continued efforts to spread Christmas cheer and goodwill. And I will try to keep in touch on a more consistent basis.

Merry Christmas!

Cathryn Mary Johnson


Mars Girl said...

Ha! Your letter was more magnatimus than mine! ;) Now I feel selfish! Oh well. I was having a down day--my materialism took over. ;)

There's nothing wrong with a rocking chair! That's pretty cool, actually. I think I'd like a big one once I get my library--room in my house that will contain bookshelves, books, and my Star Trek fangirl kitsch--I will need something like that so I can sit in there and read peacefully...

Alison said...

Awwww, that is the cutest thing ever. Santa reads your blog, I'm sure of it.

boty said...

I find it insanely funny that you doubted all adult ability as a child, and in particular Santa's ability to do his job properly. Only little Cathryn Mary Johnson would be so bold as to indicate such lack of faith while asking for Christmas treasure!

Oh, btw, I did know what I wanted for my very first Christmas...for you to stop sneezing on me, pushing me, dumping beverages on me...what any first Christmas should bring...solitude from a crazy 4 year older sister! ;-)

Happy Christmas Cafra! Enjoy the relaxing day chilling with Gwennie, Addison, and Daniel!

mom said...

you weren't exactly a typical 4 year old, oh , by the way, you did get the rocking chair.

I hope you and Boty get everything on your most secret wish lists this year!!

Merry Christmas to the 2 best daughters, and the 2 greatest people I've ever known.
Love mom

Jennifer said...

Awwww...could be because it's almost 1 am and I'm tired and still have presents to wrap, but you made me cry!! Merry Christmas my dear buddy!! I miss you!!

Donna said...

OK, so I'm catching up on the blog a little late, but I'm flattered to be mentioned. Although, I'm still NOT sure what I want, but am happy to report that I liked everything that I got. Well, except for the some interesting gifts from one of the grandparents--but that's a story better told in person so we can giggle together. The intentions were filled with love, but still make me shake my head... :)

So, this begs the question: did Santa bring Catrini what SHE wanted?

I hope you and Daniel had a very Merry Christmas and have exciting plans to ring in the new year! Miss ya buddy!

Gibbarella said...

Ok so I am catching up one blog at a time. Well Santa did not bring me what I asked for this year, which was to sell our house. So I am kind of bummed about that but he did give us a wonderful relaxing Christmas similar to yours except we got to go snowboarding and almost kill ourselves.