2008 In Review

Okay, not that you care, but here's my entire year broken down into a simplistic bullet-point presentation. What can I say, I like lists. I like 'em a lot.

January 2008

* Worked A LOT of really long hours
* Hung out with Christians
* Drank A LOT of wine
* Worried about the unstable conditions in Lebanon
* Got a haircut

February 2008

* Mourned writers strike and delayment of LOST
* Got a raise
* Survived flu
* Met Daniel's mom for the first time
* Took French lessons

March 2008

* Moved from first apartment in Nashville to Daniel's townhouse
* Survived Nashville snow storm
* Attended Bar Mitzvah
* Went to my first Open Mic poetry reading
* Got speeding ticket
* Saw the play "Doubt"

April 2008

* Worked A LOT of really long hours
* Went to the opera
* Used fire extinguisher for the first time in my life
* Turned 32
* Played some tennis
* Went to the Nashville Film Fest

May 2008

* Joined a CSA for the first time
* Visited Seattle for the first time
* Played more tennis
* Ate cake

June 2008

* Ate A LOT of squash
* Played more tennis
* Went to the dentist for the first time in like 6 years
* Nearly took up a smack habit just to get through the "godforsaken" project at work
* Ate more squash

July 2008

* Visited Erie for Independence Day
* Ate lots o' blueberries
* Went to Nashville flea market for the first time
* Freaked out about marriage

August 2008

* Hosted a family visit here in Nashville
* Went to Shakespeare in the Park for the first time
* Drank vodka tonics at Cheekwood
* Drank more vodka tonics at Jackson's
* Resolved to be healthier
* Lost resolve when confronted with cake

September 2008

* Dealt with the stress of Gwennie's hospitalization and kidney failure
* Joined book club
* Took Spanish lessons
* Went to job site in Myrtle Beach
* Began NACA qualification process for home mortgage

October 2008

* Purchased my first crock pot
* Freaked out about my garage door
* Saw the movie "Religulous"
* Shit my pants

November 2008

* Voted for the first time in my life
* Freaked out about my sister's date
* Visited Columbus
* Had Thanksgiving with Daniel in Nashville

December 2008

* Freaked out about being surrounded by pregnant women
* Went to Christmas Parade
* Purchased live Christmas tree from Boy Scouts
* Celebrated first Christmas in Nashville

Funny how you can condense 365 days into a few words compiled into a list. Where'd all that time go? What the hell have I been doing all year long? As it turns out, not much. ~sigh~

Happy New Year!...from Ja-pan (don't ask...it's for Bethany's and mother's amusement only)


Mars Girl said...

I loved all the "freaked out about" bullet points... =) I do that a lot too. Probably would have several of my own if I condensed the year into bullet points...

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mom said...

OK it's a week into 2009 (wow) time for a new blog.

boty said...

we're bored, entertain us!