What Debate?

So, did anybody else fall asleep during the debate last night?

I was actually pretty excited to see it considering it was taking place just a handful of miles from my house, but, DAMN! They both just regurgitated the exact same accusations and canned speeches they offered in their first debate. Booooooring! Even though most of the political pundits are calling it a tie or giving Obama a slight win, the whole thing was so incredibly tedious that I ended up turning it off, annoyed with the whole thing.

I think the next presidential candidate debate should be moderated by Jon Stewart. At least he wouldn't hesitate to call both of them out on their bullshit.


mom said...

we want a new direction, we want change. same old, same old. i think what we really want is to RESTORE this country to what is was and was intended to be. we don't need change or new direction, that's what got us into the mess we're in. the debate was predictable, lots of misquotes and misinformation on who took money from whom, who voted how many times for whatever, and on and on. a lot of people are making a big deal about mccain saying "that one" geez, ok it was inappropriate, unprofessional, and even down right nasty, but come on, don't we have a whole lot more to worry about than that piece of stupidity? you may lose your house next week, you're losing liberties all the time, and your dollar is going right down the toilet, and your concerned with "that one"?!! let's face it, the candidates say whatever it takes to get elected and then once elected make darn sure they look out for themselves and their interests first and foremost.

Jayne said...

I couldn't watch. I popped in from time to time, just to hear the same thing I've heard before.

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck on finding your first home. Personally, I think my financial commitment anxiety will kill me before I spend the first night in the house. LOL!