Don't Mess With Piper

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Ha! Oh man! This seriously cracks me up. What a great caption.

While I have no respect or admiration for Sarah Palin, I DO think the whole silly $150K shopping spree spin is a ridiculous attack on her and her family. I mean, c'mon! The Republicans plucked her out of political obscurity and dropped her on an international stage. OF COURSE she's going to need some appropriate clothing.

Unlike the McCains, the Palin family is not swimming in the moolah. Sarah doesn't own $300,000 outfits like Cindy. And, honestly, if that's what the RNC wants to spend money on, so what? And if they want to give it all away to charity when the election is over, so what? Honestly, I don't understand how this $150K "shopping spree" became such an issue in the first place. Especially when there are so many other legitimate issues to attack her on.

In any case, I don't think Piper should have to give back her tiara! ;)

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mom said...

i agree. 150k is a mere drop in the bucket for the rnc. but don't kid yourself, palin has plenty of money, maybe just not the best taste in fashions, making it necessary for the rnc to dress her up a bit...sort of like a barbie doll. frankly i think they'd all be much happier back in alaska keeping tabs on those russians. i love the look on piper's face. i vote she gets to keep the tiara.