The 4th

My trip to Erie last week for the fourth of July was alarmingly similar to my Whirlwind Christmas Trip to Erie last year.

Drive 6 hours from Nashville to Columbus
Drive 4 hours from Columbus to Erie
Drive to grandparents for dinner
Drive to karaoke bar to meet friends for drinks
Drive to uncle's for 4th of July party
Drive to stepmother's for 4th of July party
Drive to mother's for 4th of July party
Drive to friend's for 4th of July party
Drive to beach
Relax on beach, wriggle toes in sand
Drive to amusement park
Ride on rollercoaster with friend
Drive to cousin's graduation party
Drive to bar to meet friends
Drive to restaurant for breakfast with grandparents
Drive 10 hours from Erie to Nashville

Except this time, Daniel came with me. I have to say, it's rather satisfying to have someone share in the utter exhaustion of my hometown visits, even if I felt pangs of guilt at dragging him all over town with a sprained ankle. (He fell off of our driveway. Don't ask.)

Okay, so even though it's a seriously draining endeavor to "vacation" in Erie where almost all of my family, my two best friends, and their families reside, it IS nice to see people. But, not unlike my Christmas visits, there are so many people to see and so many places to be, that "quality time" ceases to exist. Instead it becomes a mad dash to see how many engagements I can cram onto my plate so as not to disappoint anyone. Yeah, it's ridiculous.

I think a good solution to this situation is to encourage various friends and family members to move to other places. That way, when I go somewhere to visit, there won't be SO many people to see all in one place. AND, I'll have lots of different places to visit. See how that works? Heh.

So, listen up friends and family members of Erie: I need some of you to move. May I suggest Honolulu? Or perhaps Boston? Maybe a few of you could move up to Maine - I hear it's pretty and you would still have plenty of snow to enjoy. What about Denver or Colorado Springs? Or hey, how about Chicago - you'd still have lake and cold weather. Eh? Eh?

I'm just sayin'.


boty said...

yes, yes, you are very busy and important

mom said...

let's see, how about new Hampshire or maybe panama?

Jennifer said...

Does Charleston or Savannah work for you? Have to wait until some of Pat's family has gone to the great beyond, however, because otherwise we'll be WAAAYYYY to close to them.

cathryn said...

Panama..that would be an interesting place to visit. And Savannah is definitely a good choice!