Our First Shareholder's Dividend

If you read my post about the CSA program Daniel and I recently joined, and were hoping for an update, well, here ya go.

Right. So, yesterday was our first CSA pick-up of the summer season and we were handed a half bushel box full of zucchini, summer patty pan squash, green onions, asparagus, yellow crookneck summer squash, and red, ripe strawberries! Yum. I am a huge fan of all of these fruits and vegetables, except for the patty pan squash which I have never had.

Everything had been picked and boxed up that morning and you could smell the sun and dirt still clinging to everything. Gwennie was particularly interested in the onions and kept nibbling on the green stems. For dinner, Daniel grilled some of the squashes and threw them together with some whole wheat pasta, garlic, tomatoes and some leftover broccoli we had. Soooooo good. The strawberries, which I tasted almost immediately upon receipt, are sweet and juicy. Below are a couple of photos of our first week's farm bounty.


Alison said...

I am surprised you are getting squash already! Also, that is more asparagus than I've ever seen in one place. Everything looks beautiful and delicious.

mom said...

the food looks wonderful and Gwennie looks adorable.

boty said...


I am soooooo envious of your bountiful wonderfulness!!