One person's day of celebration is another person's day of mourning. Maybe Gee-dub doesn't realize that.


Jennifer said...

Okay, I'll bite....why are you upset (again) at the prez? Who is celebrating and why should we be mourning? I've checked every single calendar and see nothing to celebrate or mourn? I need to be informed!

cathryn said...

Today is the 60th Anniversary of the creation of Israel. Our prez went there to join in the celebration bash while the Palestinians mourned the anniversary of the death of their country and the wrongful displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Two peoples, on the same land - one celebrating, one suffering. Apparently Bush pledged an unbreakable bond with Israel in a speech during the anniversary celebration, but did not address or acknowledge the hopelessness of the Palestinian situation.

Just an observation :)

mom said...

I wonder if Native Americans feel the same about our Fourth of July.

Delirious said...

So you're a friend of Fouad's, huh? (just saw your comment on his blog)
Small world~

Always a pleasure to see your comments on my blog :)