Quick Update – Nothing Terribly Interesting but Don’t Want You To Think I Died or Anything:

So, I’m in my 6th day of being 32 years old. Meh. It doesn’t suck so far. Even though I consider 32 to be the Age of Bridget Jones, my biological clock is keeping it’s mouth shut, I’ve experienced no panic attacks regarding my lack of matrimonial enthusiasm, and none of that pre-mid-life career crisis nonsense has surfaced. So there you go. 32 is okay.

Of course it helped being eased into 32 by having a full birthday week celebration (organized and executed by Dan the Wonderman) which included fire extinguishers, Nutella, bubbles, tiaras, coke/mentos fountains, shoes, opera, Indian food, sapphires, lots of wine, and one party complete with chocolate cloud birthday cake. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, the party went off without a hitch despite my deadline induced work schedule prior to said party and my nearly constant fretting. What can I say? I have poor coping mechanisms.

Speaking of Indian food (I did mention the Indian food, didn’t I?), can I just say that Sitar Restaurant is maybe my favorite restaurant of all time (although Arturos Restaurante in Lincoln comes in at a close second)? Like, besides the perfect fish tikka, they have this naan bread that’s stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas. Hello carbohydrates! It’s a carb-fanatic’s wet dream and oh.my.god. yum. I plot out occasions which will allow me to eat there. Yes, it’s a problem.

Nana and Papa came to town. Yep, my 80-year old grandparents, driving back to Pennsylvania from their annual migration to Florida. Would TOTALLY have taken them to dinner at Sitar, but alas, they’re old and ethnically challenged so we went instead to the Loveless Café. A Nashville tradition, but not really my cup of tea. You know, all that southern food – okra and grits and gravy…blech. Although the biscuits they serve are gorgeous. Hmmm…sensing a trend here…bread…good. Anyway, they left early Sunday morning and have since called to let me know they made it home.

Had my second tennis match on Tuesday. And while I played FAR better than last week, I still ended up losing the match. Ya know, I’m really not too tore up about it. Surprising, I know, considering how competitive I can be. But, I played a talented opponent. I played well. The games were close. And I realize I just need to work on getting in shape and bringing my skills back up to where they were 5 months ago. Seriously, it’s my own damn fault and instead of beating myself up about it and getting all depressed and frustrated, I’ve decided to use this season to have fun and gradually improve. Crazy concept, huh?

I’ve come to this bottom line: I think I need to work on balance in my life. Historically I tend to adopt an “all or nothing” sort of attitude to – well, to just about everything in my life. Like, if I can’t do something perfectly or near perfectly, I immediately decide it’s not worth doing at all. Not only is this lack of moderation nearly impossible to maintain, it’s really not a healthy strategy to life (gee, ya think?). So, I’m going to consciously strive for balance as a new year’s resolution. Hey! I’m only 4 months late. Gimme a break.


boty said...

Moderation! HA! That's nonsense! We don't even recognize that word in our house! ;-)

Gibbarella said...

Sounds like anal retentive. Hey is that why you dont cook? Me too.

Jennifer said...

Dear God!!! I honestly thought we were turning 31 this year!! For some reason, I really, really thought we were only 30. In fact, I've been telling people "I'll be 31 in September" any time they ask. Where did I lose a year of my life? (Certainly not doing anything fun and exciting...well, except for Vegas and the cruise..those were fun) Now I'm depressed. Guess I better make what's left of 31 (yes, being the youngster of the bunch, I get to be 31 for 6 more months) something memorable!!! Any suggestions? (that are legal...I'm a mom afterall)

mom said...

"all or nothing" sort of attitude, I think it runs in our family. I believe I've finally come to terms with it...maybe. Jennifer, you crack me up!

Terah Lynn said...

So glad to hear that you are alive and enjoying your 32's....