Great Ab Workout

You know how when you get to laughing so hard your stomach muscles ache and you feel like you're going to throw up? That's what this video does to me. Doesn't matter how many times I watch it, that guy's laugh is ridiculously contagious. Awesomeness.


MUM said...

he IS cute. By the way loved the water slide, totally awesome. wonder how many times they hit the ground before they determined just where to set the pool.

Donna said...

I love that every time the guy in the overalls is poised to hit him with the yellow things (unbeknownst to the giggler), he starts up again and deters his attacker. LOL ;)

But I bet he can't shoot ice cream out of his nose at the school lunch table!

cathryn said...

What a shame we didn't have a video camera all those years ago...that incident STILL tickles me to no end!! I'm snorting even as I type this!