Happy New Year!

For the past couple of years, my New Year Eve celebrations have sort of regressed. Like, to age 5.

You know how when you’re 5 and it’s New Years Eve and you are totally psyched about staying up til midnight and you’re all like, “hells yeah I can stay up and party til midnight!” (well okay, to be fair, I probably wasn’t saying ‘hells yeah’ at 5 years old)…and you get all hopped up on hot cocoa and cupcakes…you watch movies…you play games, all in an enormous effort to keep your little eyes open until that magic stroke of midnight when you can FINALLY blow your celebratory cardboard horn?

Jeezus, just let me blow my freakin' horn before I explode!

Well, except for the horn bit, and substituting wine for the hot cocoa, my New Years Eve this past year was exactly like that. Yup.

There was none of the bar-hopping of years gone by, no raucous house parties, no drunk dialing or haphazard drunk midnight kisses. Nope. It was me, Jen and Angela (oh, and Milo the dog) chilling at the apartment, eating cupcakes, drinking wine, watching movies,…and barely keeping our eyes open until midnight (seriously, it was a struggle).

So instead of partying like rock stars, we partied like 5 year olds. Woot! Woot! - Bring on 2008!


schroederjt said...

I don't think I have ever waited until midnight to use the noisemaker. You obviously have extreme willpower.

cathryn said...

Hell no...I don't wait until midnight to use the noisemaker! But when I was 5, I went over to my friend's house and her mean mother wouldn't let us blow them until midnight! It was excruciating...and the experience has clearly damaged me.

boty said...

I was on my sofa, reading nutrition books....when I heard fire works I said "happy new year" in my oh so excited "great another year of crap I have to put up with" voice.