Fun with Toilets

At work, we have these lunch & learn things fairly regularly where various vendors will come to our office, provide lunch and enjoy our undivided attention for an hour while they present us with the wonders of their products in the hopes that we will spec them on our projects. It’s a good system. Symbiotic. They get to use us as great marketing tools. We get to learn about new products and technologies out on the market with very little effort (plus we get free lunch!).

So, we had one of these symbiotic luncheons today. About toilets. Yes. Toilets. TOTO Toilets to be exact (see? I’m marketing for them already!?)

Our firm consists of a relatively young crowd. We have people ranging in age from like 24 to 60ish. But the overwhelming majority of us fall into the late-twenties/early thirties category. So when the TOTO toilet presenter started talking about the engineering of the toilet and suddenly mentioned “capacitors” in reference to the valve design, several people piped up, “one point twenty-one gigawatts!”. And when she anecdotally mentioned the drunk fans falling down on wall mounted toilets at stadiums, in reference to load-bearing capacity, there was hearty recognition of this phenomenon. And when she began to discuss the bidet features some of the toilet models have, the room descended into grade-school snickers and jabs.

Professionals? Yes. Stuffy? Never!


boty said...

LMFAO I almost PISSED myself when you sent that to me! "1.21 gigawatts!"

Terah Lynn said...

That was one of the most interesting lunch and learns to over hear. I never knew one person could contain so much information about toilets.