Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving weekend.
Not a "major" holiday for me. Really the only thing I like about Thanksgiving is that it signals the official start of the Christmas season and I can now revel in Christmas merriment all I want without reproach.

Thus, Thursday morning consisted of going in to work. Yes, I worked on Thanksgiving. Didn't bother me, so please don't let it bother you.

Thursday afternoon I went for a hike at Edwin Warner...which was surprisingly populated. Apparently I wasn't the only one not slaving away in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving feast. I did however try to make a pie. Tried. To make a pie. A chocolate pie. To take to Kelly's for dinner that evening.

I don't know what gets into me sometimes. I am old enough and self-aware enough to know my limitations. But somehow I always delude myself into thinking I can successfully create complicated recipes. The first thing that went wrong was the pie crust. Which kind of surprised me because I have actually made pie crust before (just ask Jennifer) and it turned out fine. But for some reason still unknown to me, the pie crust failed miserably. When I pulled it out of the oven it had melted into a gloppy puddle of butter and flour. It was truly disgusting to look at. Meanwhile, I had started to make the chocolate filling (again, from scratch) and the recipe called for self-rising flour (I don't even know what that is much less actually have any in my pantry), so I used plain old flour. But then there was a problem with the eggs. The eggs needed to be separated. Naturally. The yolks to be used for the chocolate filling. The whites to be used for the meringue topping. Those obstinant little fuckers refused to separate for me and I ended up with thick yellow ribbons in my whites and filmy white snot mingling with my yolks. It was at this point when I discovered the failed pie crust that I gave up with a grunt of disgust, threw everything into the trash bin and hurried my incompetent self off to Kroger to buy a pie. Kroger, of course, was closed...as was Publix...and Harris Teeter. Thank god for Wal-Mart! Not only were they open, but they had a perfect looking frozen chocolate pie. Excellent.

Off to dinner at Kelly and Matt's with frozen chocolate pie in tow. Dinner was fun. The alcohol flowed freely, the food was yummy (especially Kelly's Pillsbury crescent...er...ameoba rolls). Between dancing toddlers, potato-covered racks, stories of overflowing hot tubs and leather tassels, and structurally unstable seating there was much raucous laughter. I think we kinda scared Daniel but he was a good sport and unexpectedly found a kindred "partner" in Matt. Hee.

So that was my Thanksgiving.

Black Friday was not Black for me. I gave up shopping on Black friday years ago. It's just not worth it to me. The crowds completely irritate and stress me out. So, instead I went to the spa for a facial and a manicure. Ahhhhh. Lovely. Friday night Kelly and I went to the TPAC to see Anuna. Anuna is a celtic vocal group from Ireland. Amazing voices. Beautiful and haunting performances. You should look them up. They have a CD out called "Celtic Origins" I think.

Saturday I went back to the spa for a massage and an eyelash tinting. Call me frivolous but I so needed it. The massage was blissful and the eyelash tinting was something I hadn't heard of til recently and wanted to try. I now have dark dark eyelashes and no need to wear mascara...until it wears off in a month...although I can totally see me becoming addicted to this treatment. Saturday night was spent with friends, conversation, and Thanksgiving leftovers.

I had ambitious plans to decorate my apartment for Christmas today, but got a late start on the day and then got busy cleaning and doing laundry and have decided to save the decorating extravaganza for next weekend...if I can wait that long. We'll see. In the meantime I will be listening to Christmas music non-stop except when I am watching my Netflix Christmas specials! Thanksgiving is OVER - so back off! I'm entitled to my Christmas music! :)


Terah Lynn said...

sounds like you had a great thanksgiving weekend :-)

boty said...

christmas music and holiday enjoyment??? Please don't expect any decorations of any winter holiday when you come to visit...The most I can offer is maybe the ferrets will have antler hats or some such nonsense.

cathryn said...

It's okay boty, I'm sure I will have gotten my fill of Christmas decorations by the time I get to your place and will not expect any such holiday festiveness . . . although antler hats would be awesome!