Opera Season Once Again

Some people look forward to this time of year for the football or the deer hunting or the pumpkin pie, but for me, this time of year means opera season has begun! (don't laugh...I'm serious!)

Went last night to the world premiere of Elmer Gantry, composed by Robert Aldridge and based on the Sinclair Lewis novel. Having never read the book or seen the film adaptation, I didn't know quite what to expect. It was one of the only operas I have seen performed in English (the other being The Threepenny Opera).

It differed from traditional operas in that the music was not strictly classical, but showcased a lot of the American evangelical musicality of the early 1900's (gospel, Appalachian folksong, brass band...American roots music). It wasn't as lavish or grandiose as compared to many operas, but it was fun and thoughtful and showcased excellent vocal performances. And, really, I'm pretty much in awe of ANY opera.

The sheer magnitude of the effort that goes into composing an opera is astounding when you think about it, at least to me it is. I'm sure that plays a big part in my affinity for opera - open mouthed admiration.

The opera last night was something new, something different, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yay for opera season!

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