We're gonna sco-o-ore tonight...

In case there is any doubt as to just how dorky I can be, let me tell you that the only reason I ever like to go bowling, is because of the musical bowling scene in the movie Grease 2.

Yeah, it's okay, go ahead and laugh it up. I realize it may be the worst movie ever made. And I further realize that my friends and the various patrons at the bowling alley are not going to start singing and dancing to choreographed steps (as if bowling isn't dorky enough on it's own!).

Still, my 12 year old self gleefully refers to this cinematic moment with anticipation that the forthcoming bowling outing will somehow resemble my mind's eye. It never does though. But, I still had a fun time last night slumming at the bowling alley with Jen, Chad, Fou, Ted, and Kimberly...and assorted high school kids. It was a really young crowd (heh. guess at least that fact coincides with my bowling fantasy!).

Anyway, despite the lack of singing and dancing (although Chad has this crazy little move that sorta makes it look like he's dancing...and totally cracks me up!), there was beer, and we had fun in the "cosmic" bowling atmosphere. I seriously don't understand why dim lighting and a few strands of rope lights qualifies as "cosmic"...but *shrug*

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