Day Three

of housesitting -

I'm here in a strange house that is slowly becoming familiar. The multitude of various light switches are beginning to make sense. I've figured out how to work the television and the toaster (though not the DVD player). The bedside alarm goes off when expected and the temperature control is predictable (though I'm not brave enough to mess with the alarm system yet and I made Melissa work the oven).

To those not familiar with the novelty of housesitting, it's kind of like staying at a hotel...no, actually, it's more like a vacation home you visit infrequently. It's fun. Being in a new environment. An environment with a pool and a hot tub and cable. Enjoying the atmosphere of exposed brick and wood floors and cathedral ceilings. The photos lining the hall, and the books on the shelves.

Call me crazy, but I get a little thrill living in an unfamiliar domain. There's a degree of satisfaction in picking up the mail, and taking out the trash, watering the plants, caring for the pets. It's a little detour out of ordinary.It's almost like I'm pretending to be an adult. The grown-ups are away and I've been left in charge. A giddiness. Hee. Not that I'm hosting wild parties or having illicit encounters...unless you call a few thirty year olds enjoying the pool and drinking mimosas wild (hey, what can I say, we're a crazy bunch).

I'm sure there are people who are professional housesitters (dontcha think?) and although I wouldn't give up architecture to pursue a career in housesitting full time, I am looking forward to spending six more days in my temporary home. Fleeting. Fun.

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