The Thrilling Existence I Lead

Occurrences of this past weekend:

1. Hiking with Terah at Percy Warner (yes, on the infamous Mossy Ridge Trail) where we
pretty much discussed boys for the entire 4.5 miles (and could probably have discussed for
another or 4 miles…but we ran out of trail).

2. Using my mad culinary skills (ha!) to whip up Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip for JP's party
(which, by the way, received buckets of accolades!)

3. Playing in poker tournament at JP's party where I managed to NOT humiliate myself - a
good thing since it was my poker debut.

4. Watching Il Postino (love that movie!) with a bowl of Haagen Dazs' Dulce de Leche while
doing laundry.

5. Congratulating Donna (after my initial shock of course) on her recent engagement (yes,
engagement to be married!)

6. Tennis with Loulee - first set was pretty close (played to deuce almost every game) and
then we started the second set but due to getting sunburned pretty bad, we called the

7. Giving all the Erie-folk a heads up that I'm coming into town for a visit this weekend - Yee

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