Everyone's a Star

So, even though we're ca-razy busy at work right now (yes, it's 9 o'clock and I'm still at the office - of course I am blogging at the moment instead of working, heh), my co-workers and I still managed to engage in a lengthy discussion this afternoon regarding which actors and actresses would play each of us if our office got a movie deal. (Hey, you don't know - it could happen!)

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately - depending on how you look at it), we all know each other well enough to make these inordinately important decisions. Our criteria was not only physical resemblance (to a minor degree) but also how capable the actor or actress would be playing the character based upon previous performances.

We came up with quite a star-studded cast. It was decided that the four partners would be played by John Goodman, Nick Nolte, Tom Hanks, and Christopher Walken (yeah, it's an interesting partnership, to say the least!). Others in the ensemble cast would include Mike Myers, Gary Busey, Courtney Cox, Kathy Griffin, Kevin Spacey, William H. Macy, Steve Martin, Marlon Brando (the younger, less insane version), Wil Farrell...to name just a handful. While we paired everyone up with their respective flesh-and-blood thespians, one co-worker was deemed animation-worthy and will be played by the inimitable Lisa Simpson. If you knew her, this would crack you up as much as it does me!

I got Janeane Garofalo...again. For some reason, anytime an actress comparison is made in connection to me, Janeane's name pops up. And I'm not entirely sure why. My mom and my sister have equated me to the animated Daria character for years, which is purportedly based on Garofalo. And yes, I'll admit to being sarcastic and even non-conformist when it suits me, but I'm much more cheerful, and FAR less bitter and disgruntled, than Garofalo (or Daria for that matter!) appears to be. Right?

Aaaaaaanyway, clearly these long hours are making us all a little loopy. But, at least we have fun . . . and if Jerry Bruckheimer or the Coen brothers come knocking on our door, we'll be ready.

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