Patience is a Virtue...right?

There are people who possess buckets of patience. I know because I've met these people and when I am seething with annoyance or squirming with anticipation, they are calmly re-assessing a situation or serenely accepting circumstances they cannot change. I was not born with the patience gene. My nana claims this is because I am an Aries and apparently patience is not one of our virtues. Being periodically reminded of my inherited short-coming has prompted me to develop a modicum of patience as I've gotten older. And this moderate amount was tested Friday night.

Jen and Kimberly and I had made plans to meet at Virago's at 8:00. Cool. I had never been there and was keenly interested in checking the place out. So, around 7:30, my phone chimes with an incoming text message. From Jen.

Message #1: running late. will be there at 8:15.

No problem. I was running a little late myself (as usual).

At this time I need to impart an important detail of the evening. That detail being the torrential rainstorms Nashville was experiencing that night. Seriously. Like, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles, nothing but the roar of water pounding in your ears, windshield wipers going at that crazy full speed where it looks like they're trying to hurl themselves into flight, leaning forward and straining to see beyond the waterfall blurring your vision, and thinking, "sweet jesus! - I need to be in an ark instead of a car!" - yeah, that kind of rain.
It was 8:15 as I neared Virago, and my phone lit up with another text message. From Jen.

Message #2: having wardrobe crisis. will be there closer to 8:30 - 8:45.

Okay. So I figure by the time I get there, I'll have maybe a ten minute wait. Tops. No biggie.
Fortunately, Virago's offers valet parking. Unfortunately, even running the ten paces from my car to the front door had me nearly drenched. As the host graciously offered me a towel, the hostess informed me that they did indeed have a table available but they couldn't seat me until my entire party arrived. Marvelous. So I waited…and waited…

And then realized I had left my phone in my car, but due to the apocalyptic weather conditions I decided it could stay where it was. Jen and Kimberly were allegedly on their way, after all. Would most likely be walking through the door any minute, right?

So after a couple of trips to the ladies room and numerous sympathetic looks of pity from the hostess', I implored the host if one of the valets would be so kind as to fetch my phone. Oddly enough, despite the hell-water pouring from the sky, Virago's was a popular destination that night and there was a steady influx of dripping but jolly people. Not my people. Noooo. And then….hallelujah!....my phone arrived! (heh. you thought Jen and Kimberly had walked in the door, huh?) After thanking the host profusely, I checked my messages:

Message #3: (tone of disgust) oh my god! I have NOTHING to wear! (tone of apology) I'm sooo sorry…you know me…we're leaving in 5 minutes, I swear! See you there!

Message #2: (tone of concern) why aren't you answering your phone? Have you left yet? We're leaving now.

Message #4: (tone of incredulousness) holy shit! It is REALLY raining! And you're still not answering your phone. You didn't get in an accident did you? Call me!

Message #5: (text) where r u!? stuck in traffic. please call!

Message #6: (tone of panic) Cathryn, I'm really worried about you! Where are you? Call me as soon as you get this!

By this time it was 9:15. I called and even though I was the one on time and the one who had been waiting patiently, I was chastised for forgetting my phone in the car. Hello! I was not late. I was where I was supposed to be.

At 9:24 (yes I checked the exact time), Jen and Kimberly finally ran, dripping, through the door and by 9:30 we were seated with martinis in hand and all was forgiven. Rather impressive display of patience and understanding, no? :)

As an addendum: Sunday night was nearly a repeat performance as I patiently waited for F. to meet me at our sushi place. Again I forgot my phone in the car (I don't know - sometimes I forget I even have a phone!) but as I had JUST talked to him less than 10 minutes ago I didn't think it would matter. So I waited…I perused the menu…I ordered some edamame…and waited... And then I started getting the sympathetic "oh, poor thing, her date stood her up" looks from the wait staff. Feeling a bout of déjà vu coming on, I ran out to get my phone and punched in an irritated message: m here. where r u?

Oops. Simple miscommunication (or non-communication rather) Note to self: as it turns out, he is not able to read my mind. Heh.

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