C'mon Na-tchur...

I emerged from the wilderness yesterday - from the land of no cell phone reception. It was a gradual transition that took place over a 3 hour drive. From one-lane dirt "roads" to six-lane highways. My concerns went from wondering when the next barge would float by on the river to when my next deadline at work would come crashing down. My cares over the past few days consisted of getting up in time to watch the sunrise, and promptly returning to bed to wake up a few hours later, where we decided which hiking trail to choose for the day over a leisurely breakfast of eggs and bagels. We rocked in rocking chairs on the porch, ate popsicles and read books. We relaxed in the hot tub and watched blue finches through binoculars. We played games and built campfires. Our big excursion of the weekend was to drive 30 miles or so to the Marengo Caves.

It was a rejuvenating escape. No phones, no television, no email, no streetlights, no McDonalds, no exhaust fumes, no work. Just good company, good conversation, and a whole lotta nature!

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