What's Your Battle Cry?

Skulking through the desert, swinging a bladed baseball bat, cometh Cathryn! And she gives a gutteral scream:
"Blood and souls for my dark lord! I carve into flesh with reckless abandon!!"
Yes, friends, that is my "official" battle cry. Cool, huh? - although why I'm skulking through the desert I have no idea. Seeing as how F. will periodically, randomly even, break into the Spartan battle cry, and how Bethany and I are convinced we're directly descended from Viking warrior women, when I saw this nifty little Battle Cry tool on Joanna's blog, of course I eagerly typed in my name. The link is below for your bloodthirsty amusement. Let me know what your Battle Cry is in case we meet in a dark alley (or in the desert).

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