There are dickies . . . and then there are Dickies

When girls get together (and by "girls" I mean smart, funny, beautiful women in their late twenties/early thirties) on a Friday night and you throw in some STRONG (thank you, Terah!)Cosmopolitans, you get some very strange conversations. . .

Michelle: I have no neck...that's why I don't wear turtlenecks

Cathryn: Well yeah...people with no necks shouldn't wear turtlenecks...maybe a mock turtleneck...or a dickie.

Heather: a what?!

Terah: you know...a dickie (uses universal sign language to illustrate a dickie)

Michelle: yeah, my mom has a lace one to "dress up" her sweaters

Rebecca: (laughter) oh yeah...the "fancy" dickies(raucous laughter)

Jen: (returning from potty break) what did I miss?

Terah: just dickies

Jen: (raises eyebrows) dickies?...or Dickies?

Rebecca: you mean like Purple Onion dickies?

Jen: or Hustler Hollywood dickies!

Terah: field trip!!

Jen: Michelle, we have to take you to the Hustler.

Cathryn: you've never been to the Hustler?! where do you go to stock your "goody drawer"?

Michelle: what's a "goody drawer"?

Heather: I don't have a "goody drawer"!

(collective groan)

Terah: how can you not have a "goody drawer"?

Christie: you know...where you keep condoms and...stuff. I have a purple one.

Jen: my favorite one died and I had to get a new one...I gotta say, I prefered the old one.

Jen: Michelle, we'll go to Hustler and get you a bullet

Cathryn: or a rabbit!

Jen: no, a rabbit is too extreme for her first one...a bullet is safer.

Michelle: I do not want to go in that store!

Cathryn: don't worry, it's like the Walgreens of porn stores.

Terah: Hustler totally IS the Walgreens of porn stores! More Cosmo, anyone?

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