Banana Clips & Boobies

Catchy title, eh? I have to apologize in advance for this particular entry being primarily an inside joke. I hate inside jokes - unless of course I'm on the inside. But really, it's so annoying when someone relates an anecdote that's supposed to be funny, and then when you don't laugh, they say "well, I guess you had to be there". So, that's why I'm apologizing. Because even though the title of "Banana Clips and Boobies" sounds so enticing and full of hilarity, afterwards you're probably going to be like, "ya know Cathryn, that really wasn't very amusing" And inevitably I will feel obligated to say, "well, really, you just had to be there".

So, Friday night Jen and Terah and I went to Jonathan's (even though it's a chain, it's a fun sports-bary-live-musicy place that just happens to be conveniently located in our hood) for dinner and drinks...and more drinks. Now, all three of us are basically very genuinely nice people, but ya know, sometimes you just can't help being mean. And the other patrons of Jonathan's were making it SO SO easy to be mean. For instance, there was the table of 80's Ladies: presumably middle-aged divorcees with their teased-out bangs, denim jackets and banana clips. Then there was Orange Shirt Guy who was sporting very perky and prominent man-boobs. We're talking teenage-girl perkiness. Then there was the table of geriatrics sitting next to us trying to be charming and flirty - when really they were just old and creepy. Sitting at the bar was a couple who MAY have been mother and son or who MAY have been out on a blind date after having met on MySpace - it was seriously hard to tell. Needless to say the mean-spirited, red-faced laughter accompanied by an occassional snort of beer out the nose ensued throughout the evening.

Funny stuff, eh? Well, I guess you had to be there.

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