Weekend Recap

So last night, Jen and I went out and were supposedly meeting Nancy and some of her friends to celebrate Katy's birthday at a Vandy bar called The Corner Pub. When Jen had talked to Nancy earlier in the day she had assured us they would all be there at 9pm. So Jen and I pull up into the crowded parking lot at approximately 9:40. Keep in mind this bar is on the edge of the Vandy campus.

We walk in and it is over-run with frat-boy looking guys and sorostitutes. We walk all through the damn place looking for Nancy & Co. and see them no where. Jen calls Nancy's cell...no answer. She calls Katy's cell...no answer. So we decide to split and go meet Jen's roommate and roommate's boyfriend downtown.

Jen texts Kimberly (the roommate) and Kimberly texts back saying they are at Bluebird Bar across from Roberts on Broadway. So we get downtown, park and start walking down Broadway looking for the Bluebird Bar. We're directly across the street from Roberts, walking up and down looking for this stupid bar. I'm like, "there's a Bluebird Cafe, but I think it's in Green Hills - are you sure she said it was across from Roberts"?

Thinking we had been stood up yet again, Jen texts Kimberly and Kimberly responds with, "I'm in the doorway of the bar looking right at you, turn around". Yeah, well, the fucking bar is called Full Moon NOT Bluebird. Kimberly is blonde.

The Full Moon is a Rockabilly bar - which is okay, kinda redneck, but okay. Kimberly and Ted (the boyfriend) are there with Ted's cousin and his wife. This information is not notable EXCEPT that Ted's cousin is an albino. I had never met an albino person. Now I have and he was very nice. From Alabama. The Albino from Alabama.

After a few beers, when the albino cousin and albino cousin's wife decide to turn in for the night, the rest of us opt for The Tin Roof on Demonbreun Street. It's kind of a Sherlock's place...always crowded...and a somewhat younger crowd...but great live music and they have a cool outdoor stage area. So, it was fun. This guy (kinda cute, but kinda dumb I think) bought me a drink and we were chit-chatting...the band starts playing Blister in the Sun and this guy gets his freak on and suddenly starts dancing...if you could call it dancing. It was kind of like a variation on the Carlton (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). It was hysterical. When he finally stopped his spasmodic contortions, he grinned and sheepishly drawled, "I'm not gay, really". Yeah, good times.

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