Celebrity? Sighting

Friday night, as I'm sure you know by now, the St.Louis Cardinals won the World Series. My friends and I watched the momentous victory at Sam's in Hillsboro Village with much alcohol and celebratory shots of Red Snapper. Yeah, I know...me, at a sports bar, hooting and high-fiving complete strangers over a team I barely knew existed. What can I say - alcohol sometimes has a strange effect on me.

Anyway, Sam's was CROWDED. Everyone's eyes are glued to the seventeen thousand televisions in the place and Jack suddenly says very loudly, "Hey! Isn't that the Subway Guy?...Jared the Subway Guy!" And sure enough, as heads swivel around in all directions, there is the Subway Guy standing at the bar with a bunch of people (his entourage? Would the Subway Guy have an entourage?) Judging by the excitement that swept across our table, you might have thought Weaver (the pitcher for the Cards - see? I retained some information despite the copious amounts of alcohol) walked into the place.

I guess the Subway Guy is a celebrity - everyone recognized him at least. Although not quite the same as seeing, say, Jack Nicholson, standing at the bar, still....it was a moment. A moment that was quickly forgotten as the Cards sealed their Series victory and all hell broke loose!

I don't know if Jared was a Cardinals fan or not, but apparently he made it to the Heart Walk the next morning with all the rest of us - hungover or not.

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