Strength Thru Peace

After a mere 13 years, I feel I may have finally found a reason to become a registered voter and to take part in the 2008 presidential election.

Try to contain your gasps of disbelief please.

This is all the doing of Jennifer, my avid political participant friend, who sent me the following link this morning:


Don't ask me why I even decided to follow her devious link (typically I delete any and all politically bent emails), but I did. And I took the quiz I found there. And lo and behold! I actually stumbled across a candidate who appears to be an intelligent, decent, humble human being. Amazing, I know.

Seriously, I am kind of excited about my discovery. Which is strange seeing as how I am so very apolitical - not that I don't hold political opinions (trust me, I do), it's just that I detest the whole political game and have thus far refused to participate in the self-serving, manipulative machine that is present-day politics. What can I say, it just gives me a heartache.

BUT, just wait until you read about presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Who? I know, I know…I'd never heard of him either. But, the more I read about him, the more I like him. And the more I like him, the more I want to read about him. His wife too, Elizabeth Kucinich, is a fascinating and admirable person. If you take a few minutes to read about them, you won't be disappointed - well, unless you favor violence, greed, colonialism, ethnocentricity, and the general break-down of our constitution. In that case, Dennis may not be the man for you.



jim said...

Good for you for deciding to vote...even though our votes DO NOT matter-
I ck'ed out his website- looks pretty much like all the others to me.
All of them are more crooked than a snake's spine and are full o' broken dreams and promises.
But hey...at least you chose someone to represent ya!

cathryn said...

My goodness Jim, when did you become so bitter and cynical? :) And how do you think Kucinich is like all the others? In what ways?

jim said...

Deal with idiots all day like I do and you'll discover how horribly stupid EVERYONE is! haha
Everyone had a "hidden" agenda and mine is to avoid dumb people...